Daniel Sjölander

Swedish translator and proofreader with a passion for the written word.
I help international companies to expand across the Swedish market,
ensuring that all content is conveyed in a natural and appealing way.


Company bio

I started my translation company in 2016 after completing a bachelor's degree in Japanese studies at Stockholm University. Prior to that, I studied abroad for 5 years in Japan, where I finished a college education in translation and interpretation. 

My curiosity about foreign cultures and keen interest in linguistics give me the motivation, edge and skill that I need in my profession. I always make sure to produce texts with a natural flow, correct terminology and a suitable tone of voice based on the given target audience. At the same time, I focus on carrying across the source content and its unique style into the Swedish translation, without losing any nuances in the process.

My specialisations are tourism & travel, EU affairs and marketing. I mainly translate from English into Swedish, but I also translate from Japanese, Danish, Norwegian and German.

Should you be interested to know more about me, just let me know. I would be happy to send you a detailed CV upon request.

Thank you for your time!

Japanese Calligraphy
Translation & proofreading services
  • Travel guides, accommodation, points of interest, travel magazines

    Agreed rate (h/word)
  • EU regulations, directives, initiatives, reports and procurement

    Agreed rate (h/word)
  • E-commerce, press releases, newsletters, promotion, product marketing

    Agreed rate (h/word)
Open Textbook in Library

Academic background

  • Stockholm University, bachelor’s degree

       Main field of study: Japanese
       Minor fields of study: Linguistics I, Linguistics II, 

       German A, German B (in Freiburg, Germany)

  • Tokyo Design Technology Center College

       Translation & interpretation, Japanese/English

       Tokyo, Japan

  • Kai Japanese Language School

       Tokyo, Japan

  • ISI Japanese Language School

       Tokyo, Japan

  • Tessinskolan (high school)

       Media and social studies program

       Nyköping, Sweden

  • Omiya Kita High School 

       (exchange studies via Rotary International)

       Saitama Prefecture, Japan


Certificates and memberships

JLPT N1 - Japanese Language Proficiency Test

IELTS - International English Language Testing

SFÖ member - Swedish Association of Professional Translators member - Community of translators and language professionals


Professional career

Translator and business owner since 2016 with background in tourism and EU affairs. Currently based in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden.

Examples of previous work experience:

  • ​European Commission, Directorate-General for Translation  (Swedish division)     

Translation trainee


  • Freelance translator

  • Stockholm City hall

Tourist host

               Stockholm, Sweden

  • Nyköping Tourist Information Center, Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Tourist information officer

Nyköping, Sweden

Japansk trädgård



専門分野: 観光産業、欧州連合、マーケチング


・ストックホルム大学、 学士号 専攻: 日本語学科

自由専攻科目: 語学 I、 語学 II、 ドイツ語 A、ドイツ語 B


・東京デザインテクノロジーセンター専門学校 IT ビジネス翻訳通訳専攻




・ISI 日本語学校


・Tessinskolan 高等学校(社会学メディア専攻)


・さいたま市立大宮北高等学校(1 年間留学)



・欧州委員会の翻訳総局、 スウェーデン翻訳部、翻訳者 (研修生)



・ストックホルム市庁舎、 観光ガイド










​電話: +46702053349


Contact me

Planning to connect your business with Scandinavia? I will help introduce your ideas to the Swedish market with tailored translations based on your needs. You are welcome to send me an email with a description of your project and budget. I look forward to working together!


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